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Author: Neil Camenker

Finding Your Market Part 2

You should also consider the importance of identifying your target market. It will enable you to: Focus your marketing efforts. Rather than spending enormous amounts of money trying to reach everybody with primetime TV spots, you can spend much less by focusing your marketing effort only on those people in the demographic that actually buys your products. You want to be like a laser beam, tightly focused on your target, rather than like the incandescent light bulb, shining off in all directions. Avoid overgeneralizing your potential customers. Despite the seeming compatibility of your message with the entire range of...

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Finding Your Market Part 1

Despite the wide array of people that make up the general economic market, they are too diverse of opinion and distinctive in taste to reach out to all at once. It is therefore necessary to hone in on the individuals that are most receptive to your message. Even companies that sell things as ubiquitous as laundry detergent and toilet paper do everything they can to make sure their advertisements reach the people who actually make the decisions about what each household purchases on a regular basis, typically adult women. It’s incredibly important to these companies that they understand who...

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Steps to Selling Your House

How fast can you sell your house? It depends on many factors, such as the condition of your home, the neighborhood and the current housing market. There are, however, certain steps that can make it easier to sell your home. Decide if You Want to Work With a Real Estate Agent A real estate agent can help you sell your home faster. This is someone who can advise you on pricing and make helpful suggestions on making your home more desirable. He or she can also list your home and make it easier for prospective buyers to find. It’s...

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Growing sectors of the US economy

America Changes from Manufacturing to a Service Based Economy The United States Census Bureau has the task of collecting and collating data on people residing in America. Take a look at any graph taken over the last 20 year period and you will see one very dramatic and undeniably true fact. While many sectors in the economy had a sharp decline after the financial crisis of 2008, there is one category that had a steady and sharp decline and appears to be in a freefall with no hope of recovery. That sector of the economy is manufacturing. In order...

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The importance of tech in business

The Importance of Tech in Business When most people think about the subject of “tech in business” their first image is of a computer. It’s understandable. Over the past 30 years, the PC and the smart phone have twice revolutionized practically everything businesspeople do on a daily basis. But the impact of computers on business is not limited to spreadsheets and e-mail. Record Keeping One of the most important goals of any business is to analyze their operations, practices, R&D and especially manufacturing to determine if there is any way they can reduce their costs and maintain or improve...

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